The Adoption Process


The First Weeks in a Puppy's Life:

When a puppy comes into the world, he is both deaf and blind. Between 10 and 14 days, he will open his eyes and his ears will complete their development around 21 days, at which point the puppy begins to hear.

Starting at 2 weeks, each puppy is treated against worms every 2 weeks until his adoption.

From 3 weeks, socializing begins. The puppy will begin to play with his brothers and sisters, discovers toys, noises and sounds. He’ll like meeting many different people : children, adults, women, men with and without beards and hats. He’ll also be ready for his first adventure in a vehicle!

Between 6 and 7 weeks, each puppy undergoes a temperament test, which is performed in an unfamiliar area and conducted by a person the puppy doesn’t know.

Towards 7 weeks the puppy is examined by a veterinarian, receives his first vaccine and is identified with a microchip, which will be used when he is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Weather permitting, puppies can go outside, and are thus introduced to the concept of cleanliness. If not, puppies receive their own toilet to help them towards potty-training. At this stage, each puppy can sleep alone in his cage over night.

As of 8 weeks, puppies are ready to leave us and begin their new life with their new family. At this point, the puppies have seen and experienced a great deal, BUT, their Learning isn’t done! An 8 week-old puppy is NOT toilet-trained! He needs to be shown how. He will also want to chew on things. He needs to be taught not to! He will also want to run after children, pull on their pant-legs, mitains, hands and feet. He needs to be shown how to play respectfully!


What to Expect :

A puppy will probably whimper, cry or howl when put in his cage for the night, but he needs to learn to submit to human expectations. I strongly suggest taking a puppy training class with your new puppy!

If you have any questions, I will always Be There for advice!

Processus d'adoption


Male or female?

Ideally, waiting for the temperament test allows us to choose a puppy whose personnality pleases us the most : it’s a question of preference. In general, we can say that in Nature, it’s the female that defends the puppies and hunts for food. Naturally, then, she has more attitude!


Buying a Poodle, how much does it cost?

The price of a puppy is 1100 $. For more exact information, please contact us directly. Poodles are sold without permission to reproduce; sterilisation or castration is mandatory.


Where do we go from here?

  • Puppies are ready to leave us at 8 weeks. Prior to this time, they undergo a sequence of important cares :
  • Deworming every 10-14 days, from the age of 2 weeks
  • Bewtween 6 - 7 weeks, each puppy undergoes a temperament test to guide future families
  • At 7 weeks, they are examined, vaccinated and microchipped  by a veterinarian
  • From 7 weeks onward, a pupy sleeps alone in his cage at night
  • Each puppy is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club
  • Each pupy leaves with a signed health garantee of 2 years


If you’d like more information, or you feel ready to adopt a puppy, you can fill out our Contact Form!

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